Education is the all-round development of a child — body, mind & soul. Education teaches how to think, not what to think. Once a pupil’s mind gets enlightened, it can’t move back to darkness. Confucius said: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” A child can pick up his own pace: walking steadily towards the light of education, led by the teachers. As the leader of the team, I mentor my teachers to build bridges with their students, to help them cultivate minds, & to transmit civilization and disseminate culture.

        The Principal of a school strives to transform academic vision to reality, empowers the teachers to become change agents, & introduces & nourishes passion into his team. The people with strong purpose in life, don’t need to be pushed. Their passions will drive them to their goals. The job of a School Principal isn’t merely a job. It’s an opportunity to share & harness courage, shape futures, empower new leaders to transform the world, & foster creativity & imagination in the minds & hearts of the students & teachers.” As the School Principal, I endeavor to turn my teachers & pupils into humans with empathy, intelligence & strong moral fabric.

Pravin Naskari