In the present academic year, until this moment, the overall progress of the school has been really outstanding. We have achieved most of our targets within very short period and are on the way to achieve remaining one. We have also been able to make changes in the school and give new identity. We have done these transformations for complete development of our students. Our policy has always been
student centered.
In Grade 10 (CBSE) Examination, we gave 100% result. Out of all students 11 students have received more than 95% marks and 49 students have received more than 90%.

We have installed “Interactive Education System” at the beginning of the academic year. With the help of this system, all subjects can be explained effectively and learning process becomes more interesting.
We have also started providing excellent study material to our students. All students and parents
have appreciated this change.
We also organized a grand Gaurav rally to celebrate the launching of Chandrayan-3. It was a historical
moment for all Indians. This rally generated feeling of patriotism among all citizens of Washim. It was a big success for all of us. This season, our students showed excellent performance in almost all sports competitions. They have reached regional as well as state level. Their achievement is really noteworthy.
We all are “Happy” Best Wishes for Diwali festival. May this Diwali bring Health, Wealth and
Happiness in your life.

Mrs. Kavita Heda.