Happy Faces The Concept School

Happy Faces The Concept School established in 2005 , under the patronage of Shri Shankerlal Heda Education and Multipurpose Society,has attained a good reputation, popularity and appreciation from educationalists, scholars, businessmen, Social and Political leaders and general public. Our school got affiliated to CBSE and is in the process of molding ideal citizens of tomorrow.

Happy Faces is well equipped with new dimensions of latest education and information technology. Smart classes, value oriented education, quality teaching, professional teaching faculty and self discipline of students add new glory and status of the school.

Our Mission

“  To promote integrated development in our children by providing them knowledge and competencies for academic and career excellence as well as values and character for effective living in a global society.

Our Motto

“  Ideal School, with teachers who consider teaching a ‘vocation’ and highly successful students and committed to provide quality education.

Aims and Objectives
  • 1) The school functions on principle:”Dedication to Excellence’- to mould today’s children into tomorrow’s world citizens. A responsible citizen is the pillar of any nation. One of our objectives isto make our students competitive enough to fulfill their obligations towards the nation.
  • Our school is keen to see the holistic development of the students. To impart them knowledgeable education, which ultimately instrumental for the all round personality development of the students.
  • We undertake the responsibility to educate the children from Play Group to 10th and the subsequent two year course (11th and 12th) at our sister institution, i.e. Heda Junior College of Science and make them competent to face any challenges that they may come across tomorrow.
  • We assure Value Based Education. We ensure that every student has access to education. Great School, Excellent Teachers and Successful Students, are our mottos. Integrity, honesty,transparency, highly ethical behavior, etc. are the basic values we impart them.
  • In this world of competition, only the fittest will survive and others will fade and disappear into oblivion. Once the students come out of Happy Faces after a decade or more span of time, we are sure that they will acquire the audacity to face the challenges in life with courage. We are committed and dedicated to materialize our mottos.
Significance of our Emblem

“  A tiny hand holding pen writing something on the notebook marks the beginning of “Haree Shree” of education. It is supported by the powerful hands of the teachers, which symbolizes that he/she is laying the foundation of the child’s education. In this way, we lead the children from dark to light. It also projects that your children are safe under the protective wings of our teachers as they are careful and amiable.

Happy Faces Campus

School Campus