Welcome To Happy Faces

Our object is to impart solid education to cater the need of the 21st century students as once they step out of the school, they should feel full confidence to face their future with full audacity.

The Complete System

T – the

“the best and united team of teachers”
Who are dedicated to achieve excellent results of the students and are
working throughout their career with English Medium Students only.

C – concept

“the proven concept”
That gives best of tuition class and school, under one roof, thereby giving
lot of time for self study at home, without any stress or burden and
preparation for any other competitive exam.

S – system

“the system with student at the centre”
whereby students develop a strong foundation during 9 th and 10 th and
achieve excellent results in 10 th and Higher Secondary exams and also
prepare well for competitive exams like JEE, AIPMT,MICET etc.

Basic School

The primary goal of ‘Basic School’ is to strengthen elementary education
by bringing together key components of a quality education under four
key priorities. It is called ‘basic’ because it identifies practices that really
work and seeks to make them available to every child. It is called ‘basic’
because it gives priority to languages and to a core of essential

The Four Priority of the Basic School

The School as Community:

The Basic School is a place where everyone comes together to promote
learning. The parents are considered as the first teachers. The teachers
are viewed as leaders and the Principal will lead and guide them. As a
community, the teachers and parents work together and workout
strategies for the overall benefits of the students.

A Curriculum with Coherence

In the Basic School, literacy is the first and most essential. From the
school, a student should get basic knowledge in arts and science subjects.

A Climate for Learning

The Basic School is bounds to see the overall development of the child like,
improve academic affairs, give p[roper guidance to improve health, help to
become emotional maturity, encourage to be well disciplined, creative,
imaginative and self-motivated learner.

A Commitment to Character

Infuse the children the quality of honesty, respect, compassion, self-
discipline, responsibility and perseverance. These virtues will help to
promote excellence in living as well as excellence in learning. From the
classroom, students should learn about the world around them.