The days of conventional teaching are over. Now a day, we can see a technological touch everywhere and it apply more in the Field of education. There was a time that students considered education a source to acquire knowledge. In modern time all strongly believe that education should help to earn our bread and butter. That is our education system
turned to be Professional oriented. Here lies the importance of technology. In many ways, technology boosted Education. An important advantage of technology is that there is no time Restrictions. It can be accessed to educational Resources according to the convenience of the learners.

Technology based education has so many Advantages which turned to be an attraction Student community. Teachers want to improve student performance, and technology can help them accomplish this aim. To mitigate the challenges, administrators should help teachers gain the competencies needed to enhance learning for students through technology. Additionally, technology in the classroom should make teachers’ jobs easier without adding extra time to their day. Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn Through the use of technology inside and outside the classroom, students can gain 21st-century technical skills necessary for future occupations.

How important is technology in education? The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly demonstrating why online education should be a vital part of teaching and learning. At HFTCS We launched the virtual school with the help of Delta step and Zoom meetings; it has been an enriching and transformative experience for all, with students seamlessly
transiting to this new mode of learning and parents sharing their encouraging feedback. This transition from conventional education to technology based education has been planned to give our students an engaging educational experience. It all becomes possible due to use of technology in education.

Technology is not only useful in teaching but also useful for improving the administrative efficiency. With the introduction of information and communication technologies such as computers, database management software, e-mail, internet and so on where information are stored and disseminated, Administration can do better in keeping records, and become effective and efficient in performing their prescribed roles as administrators. Technology is a versatile and valuable tool for teaching and learning and becoming a way of life. The most important thing is that teachers need to be prepared to use these technologies effectively. Schools can use technology effectively and for the welfare of students, teachers and society, it must be done.

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