Principal Message

Principal Incharge : Mrs. Savita Rajguru

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Happy Faces The Concept School. These web pages can help you explore a few avenues about our school. The following pages will give you a glimpse into our activities.

The school years are a great time of growth and development. As students, it is exciting to be more independent and have more privileges. As parents, this is a time for support, encouragement and relentless guidance in a subtle way. As educators, it is a time to set up high expectations, provide challenges and encourage new opportunities.

We have not to prepare them only as economically viable individuals, but men of courage, strength and manliness – in short, to provide training to swim in the occasion of life.

We have to create an environment to enable the child to fly with his own wings of imagination towards sky with a vast world to explore.

Our parents are happy because we take utmost care of their wards and nurture for their holistic growth. The faculties are experienced and of high caliber which translates to positive experiences being the norms here. The school ground is big enough to accommodate maximum students at a time and also it is safe and secure. The standards are high and the experience in the class room is challenging one. An impressive list of achievements adds to the reasons that parents love the school as well.

Please do not hesitate to visit or contact us in case you need any details or clarification.

Principal Incharge, Happy Faces School