Happy Facess School, Malegaon, Dist. Washim

Introduction ::

HAPPY FACES SCHOOL, Malegaon was founded in 2008-2009.

HAPPY FACES SCHOOL Develops the best features of the English School in an atmosphere of Indian culture and social enviroment.

Aim :

The aim of the school is to provide education for all round development of children to teach them how to think rather than what to think, to stimulate the beginning of intellectual curiosity concerning the enviroment, to help him understand the world in which he lives, to awaken interest through opportunities to explorer, investigate ans experiment.

Curriculum :

The medium of instruction is English and special attention is paid throughout the year of attainmeny of fluency and accuracy in this language. Marathi is taught as second language in al standards. Hindi is taught as optional language. The other subjects taughtare Mathematics, Science, Enviromental Studies, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Arts and Crafts. Special importance is attached to sopken english and moral instruction. A particular period ia aaloted for conversation in view of promating spoken english.

Method of Teaching :

We impart knowledge through activities and the real experience, We emphasis on the usage of teaching aids in order to convey the concept through English and henceforth avoiding the uses of any other languages as medium of instruction. Our School is attached with well equipped activity room which provides all sorts of specimens and asds.

Middle School Staff ( TEACHING ) ::

1   Principal  
2   Supervisor  
3   Asst. Teacher  
4   Asst. Teacher  
5   Asst. Teacher  
6   Asst. Teacher  
7   Asst. Teacher  
8   Asst. Teacher  
17   Asst. Teacher