Executive Director - Message

Director : Mrs. Kavita Heda

Dear Parents,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you and your child/children to Happy Faces Family. When we sow the seed of this institution, the world had already stepped into 21st century. Our thoughts and ideas were already impacted with the newness which comes with the start of a new millennium. In fact, Happy Faces is a new born of 21st century , just as your child is.

Though we are bound to preserve the rich tradition and values which our forefathers gained through age old precepts of education, but have to mould to meet the challenges ahead. We have to impart such education that makes our child competent to face life ahead of them. So, we are very particular to impart them practical value based education.

Happiness is our ultimate goal, and hence the education which we impart should touch their mind and heart. So, we have to work on the entire personality of the child which includes knowledge and emotion. Thus,the approach of Happy Faces is the holistic development of the children. Anticipating your wholehearted support to fulfill our mission.

With warm regards.

Mrs. Kavita Heda, Director