Co-ordinator Message

Co-ordinator : Happy Faces School

Dear Parents,

The Pre-primary days of a child are very significant. During these days, the academic foundation of a child is being laid. Those are the years of curiosity and confusion. They need clarification for each and everything and they depend teachers only and hence teachers are everything for them.

So, the responsibility of a teacher is boundless. The teacher is the focus of their attention and they love to imitate the teachers blindly. So the teachers are bound to set good examples and be a role model for them. So, only a dedicated teacher who considers teaching a vocation could fulfill his/her academic obligations.

Fortunately, Happy Faces is blessed with a group of committed teachers who always dream the bright future of their students. So, the parents can send their wards to happy Faces without a second thought. As these children are the hope and the future of our nation, we are here to safeguard the interest of your children. The doors of Happy Faces are always open to you all…

Coordinator, Happy Faces School
Pre-Primary Section.